Combination high performance tread compound, V-tred pattern design and new casing shape delivers maximum resistance to aquaplaning and extreme levels of wet handling.

Continuous centreline delivers improved on-centre steering feel, improved steering precision and fast steering response.

Asymetric rib angle design increases lateral stiffness with consequent improved steering performance

Very long tread grooves running perpendicular to the footprint edge and optimised tread design provides reduced noise on smooth road surfaces


195/45R15 78V  N/A 4038996
195/50R15 82V  N/A 4038807
195/45R16XL 84V Extra load type 4039861
205/45ZR16 83W  N/A 4039007
205/50ZR16 87Y  N/A 4038849
205/55ZR16 91W  N/A 4038865
215/40ZR16 82W  N/A 4038899
225/50ZR16 92W  N/A 4039196
245/50R16 97V  N/A 4080147
205/40ZR17 84W  N/A 4038881
215/40ZR17 83W  N/A 4038904
215/45ZR17 91Y  N/A 4039015
22545ZR17 91Y  N/A 4039023
225/50R17 94Y  N/A 4039251
225/55R17 101W XL 4039243
235/40ZR17 90Y  N/A 4038912
235/45ZR17 94W  N/A 4080317
235/50R17 96Y  N/A 4039269
245/35ZR17 87Y  N/A 4039057
245/40ZR17 91Y  N/A 4038920
255/40ZR17 94Y  N/A 4038938
275/40ZR17 98Y  N/A 4039235
285/40R17 100Y  N/A 4039780
315/35R17 102Y  N/A 4039691
315/35R17 102Y  N/A 4039691
215/35ZR18 84W XL  N/A 4080121
225/35ZR18 87Y  N/A 4039120
225/40ZR18 92Y  N/A 4038946
245/35ZR18 88Y  N/A 4039065
245/40ZR18 93Y  N/A 4038962
245/45ZR18 96Y  N/A 4039104
255/35ZR18 94Y  N/A 4039073
25545ZR18 103Y  N/A 4039049
265/35ZR18 97Y  N/A 4039138
275/35ZR18 95Y  N/A 4039081
225/35R19 88Y  N/A 4039285
235/35R19 91Y  N/A 4039293
245/35ZR19 93Y  N/A 4039146
245/40ZR19 98Y  N/A 4038970
255/40ZR19 96Y  N/A 4038988
265/30R19 93Y  N/A 4039308
275/30ZR19 96Y  N/A 4039099
275/35ZR19 100Y  N/A 4039154
245/35R20 95Y  N/A 4039316
285/30R20 99Y Indent only 4039324