Specifically designed in Europe as original equipment for modern performance vehicles, the Eagle NCT5 is fitted standard on new Ford Falcon AUII Futura and Fairmont models from Australia.

Featuring plush ride and low road noise levels from the refined pattern characteristics, this tyre also delivers high levels of wet handling and wet braking grip

185/60R14 82H  N/A 4039706
195/60R14 86H  N/A 4039714
185/65R15 88H ETA Jun 04 4038718
195/60R15Eco 88V  N/A 4039722
195/60R15 88V Ford Focus 1.6L 4036635
195/65R15 91H PT Cruiser 4035891
205/60R15Eco 91V  N/A 4039730
215/60R15Eco 94V  N/A 4038815
195/55R16 87H B.M.W. Mini - EMT type 4036588
205/50R16 87V Ford Focus 2.0L 4036643
205/55R16 91V PT Cruiser 4036928
205/55R16 91V Ford Mondeo 4038328
205/60R16 92V ETA Jun 04 4039879
215/55R16Eco 93W  N/A 4039748
215/55R16 93V Holden Vectra 4038768
215/60R16 95V  N/A 4038645
215/65R16 98H Chrysler Voyager 4038344
205/50R17 93W BMW 330i 4038263
215/50R17 91W Hoden Vectra 2003 4036790