Employs a state-of-the-art design system and many elements of Goodyear’s Trinuum Tyre Technology.

A key feature is the Bubble-Blade II system to enhance the tyre’s performance (up to 10% better handling on wet and dry roads. This system is a dynamic one whereby the tread elements open at the point of contact with the road, providing better traction during acceleration.

These then close up when not under pressure, reducing the noise which is generated by soundwaves that usually resonate inside the channels.

175/65R14 82H  N/A 4036889
185/65R14 86H  N/A 4036897
195/65R14 89H  N/A 4036952
195/65R15 91V  N/A 4039332
205/65R15 94H  N/A 4039340
215/60R16 95H  N/A 4080040